A Logo is a graphical representation of your business giving it a unique corporate identity of a BRAND. It is perceived as an integral part of corporate identity package design process & corporate branding. Logo design services at Vayas infotech proffer a wide variety of creative options suiting your requirement and budget. It should be developed with utmost care keeping the business line in consideration. It needs to have a lasting impression on the targeted audience. .

A logo must have the following in order:-

It should visually communicate a unique message; at the same time portray the company as a brand.

It should create a uniqueness to differentiate you from the competitors.

It should lure customers and leave a lasting impression on targeted audience.

It should promote a feeling of professionalism and authenticity.

It should be relevant to your business line. For this your logo design service provider should invest time in learning about your business and marketing objective.

Importance of an effective logo design-

A logo certainly speaks more than your business. Nothing can match the image identity that is created by a logo. People relate to your brand through it. A logo symbolizes your brand, your company, your product/service in an amazingly effective way. Its recognition is not restricted owing to differences in language, cultures or literacy.

However, it is all very common to see companies that either are deprived of a logo or do not use their logo on all of their advertisement and promotional materials. At times firms do have a logo but do not use it as an identity; shapes sizes are not maintained, their colors have variations, etc. This is where a professional logo designing service provider becomes vital for your business to excel.

Our approach for designing logo

Our approach for designing logo


Visual Research

Sketching & Conceptualizing




Trademark & Copyright

We utilize corel draw, adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop and all other popular tools for the logo making process.

Though imperative, it is a highly neglected element for SMBs. People are exposed to way too many ideas and concepts on a daily basis. It is impossible to remember them all. Your company logo, therefore, leave a permanent mark on viewer’s mind. We understand your business agenda and are equipped with people who can bring in a positive change in your logo design, thus reflecting on your business popularity.

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Our process

SEO with Vayas infotech services include.


We provide complete consultation in terms of the approach you should follow to structure your webpages.


Choosing relevant keywords in important to attract audience not the most searched ones will lead to sales conversion.


Our experts tell you on how to structure your content around the pertinent keywords for your services.


You receive constant updates on your rankings through tool generated reports