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It is the most effective and controlled way to improve the ranking of your website. The major plus point being you get to control the budget for your campaign. Vayas infotech has developed unique methodology for managing PPC for large established firms and small start-up companies through expert consultants. However success of PPC advertisement is dependent on an array of factors such as keyword selection, budget determination, bid placement, search engine selection, campaign review and ad creation.

Keyword Selection

Most apt keyword needs to be finalized depending on what company wishes to advertise. Brainstorming and terms relevant to company’s business need to be shortlisted..

Ad Creation

The ad will eventually become the touch point for your targeted audience. There are certain rules you need to abide by while creating the design for the ad. Or else you might be blocked or penalized by the search engines.

Budget Determination

You need to finalize a suitable budget for the ad campaign. This is entirely up to the company-- how aggressive is their marketing strategy and how much cost they want to invest in the advertisement of their product/service. The only constraint however is the minimum set requirement by the search engine itself..

Bid Placement

It determines the maximum amount a company is willing to pay on each click of their advertisement. The cost incurred will also decide the placement of the ad on the search engine page..

Campaign Review

Pay per click services are a totally measurable form of online marketing. The clicks are tracked within the website. You get the details of the number of contact enquiries, sales made, pages visited, newsletter sign-ups, etc. Each keyword can be monitored individually hence making it a very cost effective way to promote your product or service..

Services we covert

Creating Ad Copyright.

Ad campaign set up.

Campaign report management.

PPC landing page creation

Paid search strategy implementation.

Bid management.

Benefits offered by an effective PPC services:-

Receive traffic from poplar search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc.

Test services and landing page design.

Keyword search along with recommendations.

24 X 7 access for businesses preferring to do their own web management.

Account set up including writing Titles & Descriptions.

Monthly or even weekly reports.

Better lead and sales improving ROI of your business..

Code installations tracking on your website.

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Our process

SEO with Vayas infotech services include.


We provide complete consultation in terms of the approach you should follow to structure your webpages.


Choosing relevant keywords in important to attract audience not the most searched ones will lead to sales conversion.


Our experts tell you on how to structure your content around the pertinent keywords for your services.


You receive constant updates on your rankings through tool generated reports